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Turf-Tec International, Tallahassee, Florida. USA (850) 580-4026

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Turf-Tec International
1471 Capital Circle NW,  # 13
Tallahassee, FL.  32303 USA
Order Line (800) 258-7477
Phone 01 (850) 580-4026
Fax 01 (850) 580-4027

Turf-Tec International is the leading manufacturer of diagnostic turfgrass, environmental and infiltration tools in the world.

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Click here to go to the Turf-Tec International Golf Course Superintendent Section.  Information relating to analyzing the soil profile and analyzing turfgrass problem areas before they become visually apparent.Click here to go to Sports Turf Managers Section. Sports field section. Find out how to assess problems like compaction and wear. In addition the pages will give solutions to many sports turf and athletic field questions.POGO2-W - POGO II VWC Soil Moisture Sensor - On Sale!

Click here to go to the engineering section. Information on analyzing geology, geotechnical, engineering, hydrology, forestry, environmental testing, hydro geological, runoff studies, wetland mitigation, permeability testing, sanitation contractors, project planning and EPA requirements.New Turf-Tec Digital Moisture SensorThe Turf-Tec Mascaro Profile Sampler - Does your Soil Profile Sampler work like this?

Upcoming Trade Shows:
September 14th - 16th, 2015 - Booth # 407
Florida Turfgrass Association (FTGA), Orlando, FL.  http://www.ftga.org
January 19th-22nd, 2016 - Booth # 211
Sports Turf Managers 27th Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Diego, California  http://www.stma.org
February 8th-11th, 2016 - Booth # 3617
Golf Industry Show (GCSAA), GIS Show 2016 San Diego, Claifornia  http://www.golfindustryshow.com

See Turf-Tec Products on YouTube            Most products we sell are designed and are made by Turf-Tec International in the USA           Turf-Life Window Decals - Click Here

Click here for Turf-Tec catalog map of all products Click here for map of all products

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