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Turf-Tec Wireless Rain Gauge 1/100th inch
with 9-day Memory

Our rain gauge just went wireless!

The Turf-Tec Wireless Rain Gauge is wireless and includes a 9-day memory function plus an indoor/outdoor temperature.

Now you can monitor rainfall from your office or maintenance building without the need to run wires. Simply place the self emptying rainfall collector within 300 feet of the receiving unit and you are ready to go.







Do not rely on airport weather collection stations to determine how much rainfall has fallen on your property.

Use your own data and you will know exactly how much rainfall has occurred on your managed area. The unit is also 100% frost proof.

The Turf-Tec Wireless Rain collector is produced of durable and weatherproof plastic, resisting extreme frost and heat temperatures as well as the sun's UV radiation. 100% frost proof.

Uses for the Turf-Tec Wireless Rain Gauge

  • Golf Courses

  • Sports Fields

  • Home Lawns

  • Municipalities

  • Parks and playgrounds

  • Estates and gardens

  • Office complexes

  • Agriculture and farming

  • Aquaculture

  • Determine when to irrigate based upon rainfall

  • Determine when to fertilize based upon rainfall


  • Automatic self-emptying rain cup

  • Measures rainfall and then automatically dumps collected rainfall

  • Wireless transmission range up to 300-feet for rain gauge and 100 feet for thermometer

  • Displays daily, 9 day historical, and total rainfall records

  • Rainfall amounts are shown as inches or millimeters

  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature

  • High daily rainfall alarm

  • Records rainfall for every 4/100th of an inch of rain (every 1 mm)

  • Batteries: 2-AA (main) / 2-AAA (sensor)

  • Dimensions: 3.5L x 1D x 5.6H (in.)

ROM3-W - Rain Gauge with Outdoor Thermometer and 9-day Memory

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