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Turf-Tec International's Home Lawn Links

Home Lawn related web pages.

Turf-Tec International - Information for home lawns and many good tips to find problem areas and fix the problem yourself.
The Lawn Institute - Lots of good information on home lawns.

The Garden Web - Information on gardening tips.
Turfgrass.com - Information on lawns and a good message board.
Home and Garden Construction Pro - Site for downloading a free gardening manual
My Garden Net - An Australian resource for lovers of gardening. Over 210,000 plant names listed.

Turf-Tec International Golf Course links

Golf Course Superintendent related web pages.

Turf-Tec International - Web page with information on analyzing golf courses by using diagnostic tools and simple principles.

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America - Golf Course National Association with many interesting sites.

United States Golf Association Green Section - The best source of up to date research and sound management practices.

Michigan State University - The first library related to turfgrass to go online. An excellent source of information.

National Golf Foundation - This association is also related to the game of golf as well as turf related.

Florida Turfgrass Association - A good regional site for turfgrass information in warm season grass and research.

Auburn University - Turfgrass related information on research.

Pennsylvania State University - Penn State web page with information on research.
Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council - State Turfgrass Association of Pennsylvania
Mascaro - Steiniger Turfgrass Museum - Penn State University

Florida Turf - A fun web page with good pictures of problems that occur on turf along with turf question and answers.

OJ Noer Turfgrass Research Foundation: The O. J. Noer Research Foundation is a not - for - profit, foundation established in 1959 by O. J. Noer's colleagues and friends and dedicated to financial support of scientific research in turfgrass.

American Society of Golf Course Architects: The American Society of Golf Course Architects is a non-profit organization comprised of leading golf course designers in the United States and Canada.

UK Greenskeepers Information - Information from our UK friends

University of Guelph - Guelph turfgrass institute

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Turf-Tec International's Sports Turf Links

Sports Turf Managers and Athletic Fields related web pages.

Turf-Tec International - Web page with information and tips on growing healthy sports turf.

Sports Turf Managers Association - A great site for information on athletic fields and turf that is related to sports.

New! - Turf-Tec Links Page to all Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Chapters!!!

National Recreation and Parks Association - A site for advancing park, recreation and conservation efforts.

Global Turf Equipment - Offers used athletic field equipment including turf equipment, mowers, turf top dressers and other turf equipment and vehicles.

Other fun turf related sites

Oregon State University - An excellent site on plant diseases with photographs of many problems on all types of plants.

United States Department of Agriculture - A link to the USDA which has much information on turfgrass.

Michigan State turf links - A great source of all related turfgrass links.

Search engines on the web - Turf-Tec's page that lists all major and many smaller search engines.

For Engineering Companies

EdConCat.Com - Registry and search engine for construction professionals who provide products & services to the Educational Community: schools, colleges and universities.

Links to Turf-Tec International Diagnostic Analysis

Turf-Tec Home Lawn index page for lots of good information on lawns.

Turf-Tec Golf Course Superintendent's index page for information on golf course self analysis.

Turf-Tec Sports Turf Managers index page for information on having healthy athletic fields.

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