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The Spot Divot Sand Topdresser

Fill The Spot with dry sand Push down to dispense sand For more material hold down handle longer

The Spot Divot Sand Topdresser allows dry sand to be applied to ball marks or divots quickly and easily with a press of the handle. Simply put the tool over the ball mark press down and sand is deposited in the depression. The longer you hold the tool down, the more sand is deposited.

Golf Sports Turf and Athletic Fields Specifications
Filling ball marks allows smoother and faster ball roll on the playing surface. Also The Spot Divot Sand Topdresser lightweight and can be carried along with many other jobs, such as your morning setup, pin placement and can be used to add sand when cutting cups. Filling divots allows quicker recovery of playing surfaces and smoother infields. Also The Spot Divot Sand Topdresser can be filled with a mixture of dry sand, fertilizer and seed to speed the divot healing process even more. You can also apply infield quick drying material quickly as well.
  • Main Body PVC for long wear
  • Foam Comfort Grip
  • Overall Height (assembled) -32 inches (106 cm)
  • Weight 3 lbs (1.44 kg)
  • Holds 4 cups of dry material

SPOT1-G - The Spot Divot Sand Topdresser

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