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Common Grass Problems on home lawns

Thin Turf - Poor Areas Under Shade - Wear Areas

Here are some common lawn grass problems and ways for you to investigate them yourself.

THIN TURF - Thin turf can be caused by poor soil, excess water, compaction and many other factors. You can inspect the area closer with a Macroscope 25 Power Scope. If turf is thin, weeds will eventually move in and grow.

POOR AREAS UNDER SHADE - This is usually caused by the wrong type of turf in these areas. The problem can be minimized by pruning the offending tree or shrub. Alternate grass varieties should also be considered. Be sure that shade is the problem. Check all other categories before deciding.

THIN TURF IN WEAR AREAS - Thin turf in wear areas is usually a result of compaction. If the soil is soft and not compacted, examine the grass blades under a Macroscope to identify the exact problem. Wear will appear different from disease. If wear is the problem, spot aerify these areas, fertilize the poor spots and divert wear. If this does not improve conditions, another grass type may be necessary.

Macroscope 25 Power Scope

The Macroscope will allow close examination of turf leaf blades.

Macroscope 25X Scope - MACR251-L

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Thin Turf In Wear Areas

THIN TURF IN WEAR AREAS can be caused by many factors. Be sure to examine leaf blades closely to be sure disease is not present. A Penetrometer should also be used to find out if compaction has caused the area to be in decline. If Penetrometer readings are over 60%, then compaction is present. You may wish to use a Mascaro Profile Sampler to see how deep the compacted layer goes. Aerification is recommended. Also see Page 1 - Soil and Page 2- Water.

Turf-Tec Penetrometer
The Turf-Tec Penetrometer will give readings of compaction.  This can tell you when to aerify and also how the golf ball will bounce.

Turf-Tec Penetrometer - PN1-S
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