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Common Lawn Management Problems

Thin Turf - Excessive Weeds - Dead Areas

Here are some common lawn management problems and ways for you to investigate them yourself.

THIN TURF - Thin turf can be a result of many different problems, be sure to see grass and nutrition categories. If the soil, water, grass and nutrition are all in good ranges then the problem of thin turf is usually management related.

Inspect the turf closely and look for torn leaf blades after mowing. This will cause turf to be thin and shows that your mower blades need sharpening. Also be sure you only cut off 1/3 of the grass leaf blade at a time or less.

DEAD AREAS - If dead areas appear and all the above categories are in good shape, management is usually to blame. That means the problem is man-made. Try an on-line consultation.

Aeri-ForkeAeri-Forke in action.  Always use before seeding and to loosen hard and warn out areas to promote grass root growth.

The Turf-Tec Aeri-Forke will loosen up compacted soil and remove soil as it aerifies.

The Aeri-Forke aerifies the soil with ease. It extracts 1/2 inch soil plugs to reduce compaction and allow air, water and fertilizer into the root zone. It is also excellent for use in preparing seed beds for new grass or sod.


Turf-Tec Aeri-Forke - AF1-M

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Thin or dead turf.

After the problem that caused the thin turf has been addressed by looking over the previous four sections of Soil, Grass, Water, Nutrition now is time to replace the dead or damaged grass.  Thin or dead turf can be plugged with good grass from healthy areas of the lawn.  These new plugs will spread out and eventually cover the dead area with new, healthy grass.

The Best tool for transplantation grass from a healthy area to a thin or dead area is the Tubular Turf Plugger.

Turf-Tec Tubular Turf Plugger

Turf-Tec Tubular Turf Plugger for taking 20 - 2 3/8 inch plugs from healthy grass areas and transplanting to thin areas.  Also for re-planting lawns.

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