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Home lawn turf, this section teaches you how to analyse your own home lawn problems.  The following are common lawn problems that homeowners face.

The following are common lawn problems that lawn care companies face.

Point to the area with which you seem to be experiencing problems for further information.
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Investigate your customers turfgrass area and determine the problem !
Get to the "root" of the lawn problem.

Point to the lawn problem area and click.

Soil problems - Poor areas occurring in one localized spot - Areas that dry out before others - Seed or sod that will not grow

Water problems - Wet areas - Dry areas - Weedy spots - Puddles

Grass problems - Thin turf - Poor areas under shade - Thin turf in wear areas

Nutritional problems - Yellow or off colored turf - Disease - Thin turf

Management problems - Thin turf - Dead areas.

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